Dyno-Thane Spark Bowling Ball

Spark it up!

The new Dyno-Thane Spark has a little something for bowlers of all ages and skill levels, a great performing bowling ball for a good price with a variety of color options to choose from. We made two different colors for the Spark, Red/Smoke and the tri-color Fire Blaze. Both are sure to catch a lot of attention on the rack when you are ready to spark it up.

The new Accelerant Hybrid cover allows the ball to store energy for where you want it most, downlane! The Hybrid Accelerant cover allows the ball to clear the fronts and still have enough traction in the mid lane for a strong motion through the pins.

The Igniter symmetric core shape allows the ball to be very versatile with different drillings for a variety of styles.

Spark Bowling Ball Technical Specs
Coverstock Name Accelerant Hybrid
Coverstock Type Hybrid
Weight Block Igniter
Color Red / Smoke or Fire Blaze
Finish 3000 Abralon with Factory Finish Polish
Reaction Length with Strong Downlane Motion
Preferred Lane Condition Medium Oil
Flare Potential Medium (3″ – 4″)
Weights 10 – 16
Info Release Date 11/01/2016
Drill Date 1/03/2017
Weight Radius of Gyration Differential
16 2.55 .038
15 2.55 .042
14 2.54 .046
13 2.53 .055
12 2.60 .039
11 2.62 .031
10 2.72 .031
Dyno-Thane Spark Bowling Ball October 30, 2016