Dyno-Thane Vendetta Bowling Ball

Vendettas are for life…

The time has come to roll out a new Vendetta, it promises to be even more relentless in its pursuit of getting revenge on the pins. In case you forgot… Vendettas are for life! Dyno-thane’s proven reactive resin formula makes its return with the

Revenge Solid reactive coverstock. This coverstock provides excellent length with an easily controlled big back-end reaction. Versatility and power makes this ball a must for any arsenal. This is not just a face lift, the successor of the Vendetta is formulated to get revenge!

We needed a versatile core to live up to the past Vendettas that were loved by many for strong rolling predictability. We nailed it with this Caliber core. This core enables players of all styles to get a great reaction and will enable pro shop professionals many options for fine tuning ball reaction.

Vendetta Bowling Ball Technical Specs
Coverstock Name Revenge Solid Reactive
Coverstock Type Solid Reactive
Weight Block Caliber .40
Color Blood Red
Finish 2000 Abralon with Factory Finish Polish
Reaction Strong Midlane and Backend Reaction
Preferred Lane Condition Medium – Heavy Oil
Flare Potential High (4″ – 5″)
Weights 14 – 16
Info Release Date 12/16/2016
Drill Date 1/03/2017
Weight Radius of Gyration Differential
16 2.50 .040
15 2.48 .045
14 2.47 .045
Dyno-Thane Vendetta Bowling Ball December 16, 2016