Better Bowling Through Science

Dyno-Thane Bowling manufactures high-end specialty bowling balls used by professionals and other serious bowlers.  These specialty balls employ proprietary internal weight systems and other enhancements.  A bowler’s experience with these balls is enhanced through training, instruction and other professional services.  Additionally, the correct sizing, drilling and placement of finger holes affect the play with specialty balls and therefore also have a material affect on customer satisfaction.  Incorrect use of the ball and imprecise and incorrect drilling dramatically reduces player and ball performance, leading to dissatisfaction with the ball and a negative impact on brand reputation.

Dyno-Thane Bowling has determined that customer satisfaction, and therefore strong brand reputation and loyalty, can best be achieved and maintained by selling the Dyno-Thane brand through pro shops and other established retailers that offer the training and support necessary to help customers use the balls in the correct way.  Dyno-Thane Bowling invests large sums in marketing to bring customers into such retailers in order to obtain the experiences necessary to enhance customer satisfaction.

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