Element NE-10


Like everything else all good things must come to an end. As technology changes so must the equipment but here is a list of our heritage bowling balls that helped make our products what they are today.

Element NE 10


It”s all about chemistry – combining the elements of perfect coverstock, precise surface, and most effective core to yield unbeatable reaction.
Dyno-thane”s new Element Ne10™ wraps the high-performance Inverted Element core with revolutionary NexGenSoaker Neon in 1000 grit polished surface for mid-lane hook and strong backends – the winning chemistry for medium conditions.

Get Dyno-thane”s Element Ne10 and get chemistry to win. No lab coat necessary.

Tech Specs
Coverstock Name NexGenSoaker
Coverstock Type Particle Pearl
Weight Block 2 Piece Symmetrical
Color Blue/Pink
Finish 1000 Polished
RG 2.54
Differential .050
Intermediate N/A
Lane Condition Medium
Info Release Date N/A
Ball Launch N/A