Like everything else all good things must come to an end. As technology changes so must the equipment but here is a list of our heritage bowling balls that helped make our products what they are today.


dynothane element bowling ball

The Element™ is the new Dyno-thane’s entry into the high-performance bowling ball market. The Element™ features the all new SOAKER™ coverstock. This unique coverstock, developed by Phil Cardinale, President of Dyno-thane, is designed for outstanding performance in normal league play. The SOAKER™ coverstock absorbs oil and dissipates it completely so each shot hooks as well as the last one and the ball will continue to hook, shot after shot. Easily cleaned with standard ball cleaners.

Tech Specs
Coverstock Name Soaker
Coverstock Type Particle
Weight Block 2 Piece
Color Green/Brown
Finish 1000 Matte
RG 2.54
Differential .058
Weights 14-16
Lane Condition Med-Heavy
Info Release Date N/A
Ball Launch N/A