High Energy


Like everything else all good things must come to an end. As technology changes so must the equipment but here is a list of our heritage bowling balls that helped make our products what they are today.

High Energy

Dynothane High Energy Bowling Ball

THE HIGH ENERGY™, the follow up to the exceptional premium ball release, The Energy, has arrived and is charged with explosive power.

Everyone familiar with the durability and superior performance of the Soaker™ reactive coverstock will be excited about The High Energy. As only DT can do, this coverstock is part solid and part pearlized Soaker resin, blended for a more controlled backend transition for when the lanes have a little heavier oil. This tweaked coverstock wraps the Polar Opposite Powerblocks (POP) core, the very same core found in The Energy, the ball which Steve Jaros used to win the PBA Tournament of Champions.

Tech Specs
Coverstock Name Soaker
Coverstock Type Hybrid
Weight Block 2 Piece Symmetrical
Color Green/Black
Finish 1000 Matte
RG 2.50
Differential .060
Intermediate N/A
Lane Condition Med
Info Release Date N/A
Ball Launch N/A