Pure Energy


Like everything else all good things must come to an end. As technology changes so must the equipment but here is a list of our heritage bowling balls that helped make our products what they are today.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy Bowling Ball

Now you can cover almost any condition with Dyno-thane’s Energy line. For the first time ever, the lab guys have figured out a way to combine Particles with the long-lasting Soaker ATC™ Coverstock. The addition of a dense Stabilizer Ball to the center of the POP (Polar Opposite Powerblocks)™ core in conjunction with the stronger coverstock gives outstanding control in heavier oiled conditions.

Tech Specs
Coverstock Name Soaker ATC
Coverstock Type Hybrid
Weight Block POP Core
Color Red
Finish Polished
RG 2.49
Differential .057
Intermediate N/A
Lane Condition Med
Info Release Date N/A
Ball Launch N/A