The Thing Returns


Like everything else all good things must come to an end. As technology changes so must the equipment but here is a list of our heritage bowling balls that helped make our products what they are today.

The Thing Returns

Dynothane The Thing Returns

The perfect compliment to the Thing is now available, The Thing Returns. The new Pearl Soaker Resin coverstock, accompained by a higher RG system, makes entry angles possible that were previously thought unreachable by mere mortals. Using the latest advancements in Soaker technology, you can rest assured that the new Thing Returns will get through the front easily and return strong on the backend, time, after time, after time. The Thing Returns is destined to become a vital part of your arsenal. Become the envy of your lanes.

Tech Specs
Coverstock Name Pearlized Soaker Resin
Coverstock Type Pearl
Weight Block 2 Piece
Color Orange Purple
Finish Polished
RG 2.56
Differential .045
Weights 13-16
Lane Condition Med-Heavy
Info Release Date N/A
Ball Launch N/A