Junior Team USA wraps up strong week at PABCON

2015 PABCON Junior Team 465

ARLINGTON, Texas – Junior Team USA had a strong showing at the 2015 Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Championships in Panama, winning eight of a possible 12 gold medals.

The U.S. boys squad dominated the tournament, winning all six gold medals as well as three silver medals and four bronze medals in Panama City. The Junior Team USA girls earned two gold medals, four silver medals and two bronze medals.

“I am extremely proud of this team’s performance this week,” Team USA head coach Rod Ross said. “The girls fought hard and never gave up, just coming up short at the end in team event. The performance of the boys during the trios and team was inspiring. I have seen many record-breaking performances before, however, the boys were at a level rarely seen, and it was a joy to be part of.”

In the final event of the PABCON Youth Championships on Friday, the U.S. boys swept all the medals in match-play Masters, while the girls took three out of four medals.

Greg Young of Viera, Florida, defeated Michael Tang of San Francisco, 2-1, in the best-of-three Masters final to take the gold medal. Tang earned the silver for the runner-up finish and teammates Kamron Doyle of Brentwood, Tennessee, and Wesley Low of Palmdale, California, shared the bronze medal after losing to their teammates in the semifinals.

In the girls Masters, Sydney Brummett of Fort Wayne, Indiana, defeated Gazmine Mason of Cranston, Rhode Island, 2-1, to win the gold medal. Mason took the silver, while Breanna Clemmer of Clover, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico’s Kristie Lopez shared the bronze. Stephanie Schwartz of Racine, Wisconsin, lost to Lopez in the quarterfinals.

The Junior Team USA boys came away with every gold medal, winning singles, doubles, trios, team, all-events and Masters.

Doyle earned the singles gold and teamed up with Tang to win the doubles event. In trios, Doyle, Tang and Low combined to dominate the field to win the gold before joining Young to take the team gold. The all-events gold went to Low.

In addition to the Masters gold for Brummett, the Junior Team USA girls also took the gold medal in singles as Mason turned in a stellar performance.

The PABCON Youth Championships, which are held every other year, feature the best youth bowlers from the American Zone competing for medals in six events.

At Bolera Sede, Panama City, Panama


Gold – Kamron Doyle, United States, 1,511
Silver – Josh Lee Encarnacion, Puerto Rico, 1,430
Bronze – Wesley Low, United States, 1,408


Gold – Gazmine Mason, United States, 1,314
Silver – Laura Plazas, Colombia, 1,257
Bronze – Kristie Lopez, Puerto Rico, 1,255


Gold – Kamron Doyle (1,290)/Michael Tang (1,429), United States, 2,719
Silver – Wesley Low (1,329)/Greg Young (1,372), United States, 2,701
Bronze – Sean Coutts (1,325)/Josh Brant-Parkin (1,358), Canada, 2,683


Gold – Laura Plazas (1,279)/Juliana Franco (1,256), Colombia, 2,535
Silver – Leigha Carnevale (1,176)/Mykaela Mitchel (1,340), Canada, 2,516
Bronze – Breanna Clemmer (1,252)/Stephanie Schwartz (1,158), United States, 2,410


Gold – United States (Kamron Doyle 1,396, Wesley Low 1,530, Michal Tang 1,383), 4,309
Silver – Venezuela (Andres Rodriguez 1,243, Massimiliano Fridegotto 1,323, Lucas Mota 1,271), 3,837
Bronze – Brazil (Bruno Soarez 1,335, Bernarnrdo Abreu 1,273, Joao Ferreira 1,159), 3,767


Gold – Mexico (Paola Limon 1,253, Raquel Orozco 1,184, Sara Pelayo 1,406), 3,843
Silver – United States (Sydney Brummett 1,159, Breanna Clemmer 1,136, Gazmine Mason 1,419), 3,714
Bronze – Puerto Rico (Kristie Lopez 1,290, Nicole Rivera 1,202, Giselle Poss 1,221), 3,713


Gold – United States (Kamron Doyle 1,333, Wesley Low 1,440, Michal Tang 1,372, Greg Young 1,342), 5,487
Silver – Costa Rica (Alberto Quezada 1,289, Jonaykel Conejo 1,264, David Villalobos 1,350, James Stanley 1,270), 5,173
Bronze – Canada (Sean Coutts 1,181, Mitch Hupe 1,333, Cedrick Ruest 1,271, Josh Brant-Parkin 1,318), 5,103


Gold – Wesley Low, United States, 5,707
Silver – Michael Tang, United States, 5,564
Bronze – Kamron Doyle, United States, 5,530


Gold – Colombia (Veronica Cepeda 1,106, Isabella Correa 1,258, Laura Plazas 1,216, Juliana Franco 1,246), 4,826
Silver – United States (Sydney Brummett 1,204, Breanna Clemmer 1,286, Gazmine Mason 1,125, Stephanie Schwartz 1,195), 4,810
Bronze – Canada (Leigha Carnevale 1,120, Stephanie Adams 1,192, Mykaela Mitchel 1,284, Shaune Pine 1,092), 4,688


Gold – Laura Plazas, Colombia, 5,004
Silver – Gazmine Mason, United States, 5,005
Bronze – Mykaela Mitchel, Canada, 4,966


Gold – Greg Young, United States
Silver – Michael Tang, United States
Bronze (tie) – Kamron Doyle, United States; Wesley Low, United States


Gold – Sydney Brummett, United States
Silver – Gazmine Mason, United States
Bronze (tie) – Kristie Lopez, Puerto Rico; Breanna Clemmer, United States

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